Mold Stain Remover

From attics to crawl spaces under your house, mold can grow with just a little moisture and poor ventilation. Once you have discovered mold in your home and removed it, there can be mold stains left from the months or even years it was there. That’s where Mold Solutions’ Mold Stain Remover service comes in to clear away mold stains for good. The MMR Mold Stain Remover from Mold Solutions is a commercial grade service using our proprietary blend of EPA registered ingredients. To get started now, call 815.469.8877 to schedule an appointment or fill out the form to the right and someone will get back to you shortly.

Fast Mold Stain Remover Services

Our mold stain remover also works on mildew and is formulated to immediately remove mold stains on wood and other hard surfaces. The mold stain remover treatment works fast and starts to remove the stains instantly. Besides being fast working, it’s easy to apply and penetrates tougher areas, leaving surfaces clean a mold stain free.

Mold Stain Remover

Mold Stain Remover for Attics & Crawl Spaces

Mold Solutions Chicago is the leader in mold removal and mold stain remover products and services. We can remediate mold in your home by removing it, cleaning the surfaces it could grow on and preventing mold from growing at all. For attics, the air-circulation and ventilation play a big role in mold growth, along with being dark and sometimes muggy after heavy precipitation, mold can thrive once introduced in an attic. We work with you on mold removal and mold stain removal from your attic so your home and your belongings can be safe from mold damage.

Crawl Spaces can get especially mold infested since they are sometimes open to outside elements, poorly insulated, and poorly ventilated. We can recommend better insulation or better ventilation depending on where and how the mold is growing. Our mold stain remover however, works just as well on crawl spaces as attics or basements to remove stains.

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