Mold Stain Removal

For professional mold removal and mold stain removal, call Mold Solutions in Chicago for a free estimate. Our mold removal services work fast and our mold stain removal treatments will leave your surfaces looking great. The secret to our mold stain removal treatments are our proprietary blend of EPA approved ingredients to lift and remove mold stains. You can actually see the mold stain remover working immediately upon application. You will be satisfied with your mold stain removal service because our courteous staff will answer all your questions and inform you of any time you should keep away from the treated areas for maximum safety.

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Fast Acting Mold Stain Removal

Mold can grow over a large area in a matter of days so our mold stain removal needs to reverse those effects even faster. We have a great video to demonstrate how quickly our mold stain removal takes effect after applying. There are many mold stain removal products on the market that don’t work, so with ours, we show you it working so there is no denying it’s effectiveness.

Once mold removal services are completed we can do mold stain removal services in the same or the very next treatment to give the mold removal treatment time to work. In most cases it can be done in one if not two appointments.

Combo Mold Removal with Mold Stain Removal

Getting rid of the mold is the first, most important step but getting rid of the unsightly mold stains can prolong the life of the surfaces and keep your home looking great. On clean and unstained surfaces, it’s far easier to spot and keep mold out than on stained or dirty surfaces. So there are multiple advantages to combining your mold removal and mold stain removal services with Mold Solutions in Chicago.

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