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Mold and mildew in your home or office can be more than a little nuisance, it can prove to be a hazardous health concern for everyone and can cause unsightly and potentially dangerous stains. Mold Solutions are the experts to handle all of your mold remover needs in Chicago and the surrounding area.

Mold Solutions has only the best and fully qualified mold remover contractors in Chicago and the surrounding area. Our mold remover contractors use a variety of methods for virtually any size and condition of the contamination to safely remove and dispose of mold on your commercial or residential property.


Experienced Mold Remover Contractors in Chicago

Contact one of our mold remover contractors in Chicago and schedule a full inspection of your property if you think you may have a mold problem at your home or business. The mold remover contractors are expertly trained and certified aby the National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP).

Mold Solutions of Chicago uses only the best equipment and highly trained technicians for the mold remover solutions for your problems.

Hiring a highly trained mold remover contractor is much safer and more effective than a DIY approach do to our specialty equipment and industry standards.

If you suspect you may have mold, call the mold remover experts at 815-469-8877 or simply fill out the form to the right and a qualified representative will respond shortly.

Trust Mold Remover Experts at Mold Solutions

Mold Solutions is owned and operated out of Chicago. Our mold remover contractors have years of hands-on experience and have handled every situation you can imagine in the Chicago area.

Mold Solutions will recover and restore your property while keeping the inconvenience to a minimum. Our mold remover contractors have years of water and flood damage experience in and around the Chicago area.

Mold solutions of Chicago uses only non-toxic water-based cleaners as mold remover that are safe and free of fumes. Call 815-469-8877 to speak to one of our industry expert mold remover contractors , or simply fill out the contact form to the right and a qualified and knowledgeable representative will respond shortly.

Contact us today for an inspection and consultation for our professional mold removal and prevention solutions!

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Don't wait any longer – protect your family, your employees, your children, and all who visit your establishment from the dangerous effects of mold.

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