Indoor Air Quality in Chicago

Here at Mold Solutions in Chicago, we offer several services to help you and your home or office have a cleaner, healthier indoor air quality in Chicago. If for any reason you have any questions or concerns about indoor air quality, feel free to give us a call at 815-469-8877 or fill out the form to the right and a representative will respond shortly.

Our years of expertise in indoor air quality improvement in Chicagoland by using our mold prevention systems to keep away the mold which improves your indoor air quality tremendously.

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Chicago

The quality of your indoor air can be effected may many things, such as chemicals and particulates emitted from everyday household products, furniture and materials, poor ventilation, and most significantly, mold. Allow us to make a difference of indoor air quality around Chicago with Mold Solutions' guaranteed mold remediation and mold prevention applications.

To permanently resolve mold issues of any size, Mold Solutions believes in our 7 step process:

  • Inspection
  • Containment of Affected Area
  • Removal of Damaged Items and Materials
  • Disinfecting and Stain Removal
  • Jobsite Cleanup and HEPA Vacuum
  • Applying Anti-Microbial Preventative
  • Final Inspection


Indoor Air QualityBetter Indoor Air Quality in Chicago

Mold Solutions can improve your indoor air quality at a very reasonable price compared to our competitors and rid your home or business of mold and mildew for good and drastically improve the indoor air quality of your home or business in Chicago.

The air in our homes, schools and offices could be up to 5 times more polluted, and in some cases it can be up to even 100 times more polluted than the outside air so you have any concerns, contact us immediately.

If for any reason you have any questions or concerns about your indoor air quality in Chicago, feel free to fill out the form to the right and an associate will respond shortly or give us a call at 815-469-8877.

Contact us today for an inspection and consultation for our professional mold removal and prevention solutions!

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Don't wait any longer – protect your family, your employees, your children, and all who visit your establishment from the dangerous effects of mold.

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